Wildflower Series (more to come….)

Small details, small friends, small things in Nature. My affinity for wildflowers has encouraged me to try making mini paintings of singular focus. Columbine, paintbrush, lady slipper and wood lily. Our landscape has been changing this year, radically. People are saying the wildflowers this year peaking is unpredictable, early and short. Upon speaking with a friend who is an author and environmental advocate, Lynn Martel, I shared my worries and concerns and she had some valuable wisdom to share. Let’s continue to appreciate what we have to see and experience right now and focus on the joy that gives us, being outside when we connect with the natural world.
Let’s keep creating, adventuring, all the while seeking solutions to our current climate change concerns. Keep observing with curiosity, share, report and contemplate what our joy and love of nature brings us. I know it shapes my interpretation of the world and yes when I’m out there, everything is feeling well, good, safe and the earth is alive, striving for balance in adversity. So shall I.

Imagine these on your wall! Gallery wrapped 1.5inches, 10×10 inch lovelies.

As the Crow Flies – Golden Skybridge

When the community got word that a new project with suspension bridges, zipline and bungy jump were being built over the historical Hospital Creek, we were hesitant to think beyond our imaginations what it would be like.

Well! The new project is phenomenal. Having a team of local visionaries link in with the big guns and marketing leverage of Pursuit has meant that this project has been elevated and executed very quickly. Our opening ‘Local’s weekend was just this past – May 30/31st and I was one of the first artists to hop on board the momentum. I pitched the idea of an exclusive painting series – As the Crow Flies being the first. I created and built a product scheme and custom painting for them. At the moment, I still own the original painting, which is still for sale. This passion project is the culmination of at over 10 years’ work – the evolution of my painting and graphic design skills – from painting to photographing my work to laying out the print media.

In turn, this supports my love of art, adventures, the outdoors and operating my own small business. I created a few sketches after walking the land and BEING with it. Next, I went on to paint an original painting based on my impressionist style. Now I am working with the retail leadership on site to bring my work to their visitors. There are more paintings to come, yet this is the start. Pursuit was lovely enough to order a cluster of my painted works made into souvenir products – all locally based landscapes from the area – Yoho National Park to Golden to Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks.

Thank you for visiting my website and blog – Check out my slide show to see what I create.

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Moody Morning @ Emerald Lake – Commissioned Piece

Yoho National Park – This commissioned piece is based on a picture taken several years ago, before the expansion of their canoe fleet and deck @ Emerald Lake Boathouse. After layers upon layers to get the water as close I could to reflect the sky and also depict what was below the surface – the challenge posed a new opportunity to grow my skills, looking to express something in nature we see often.

As the darkness and moodiness took over, there is less drama of landscape that I usually choose to create. I enjoyed the new perspective. As a member of the Golden Visual Arts Guild, one of the key points I was given as a direction – when dealing with reflections, is to keep the reflection directly opposite the subject matter.

As one can see, the sharp edge of the boathouse is reflected in the water below the deck. This was the mentoring I received from a Zoom call when we recently visited each other to discuss our projects. As a guild, we share insights and support each other in our projects. Having trusted people to give feedback is a part of the creative process. I only deliberate with certain mentors that evolve my direction, not question my process. One person that is always honest and someone whom I can trust is my daughter. Over the years, she has always been an honest person around when things are not quite finished or need more work, she continues to be real with her feedback. I call her ‘quality control’. She is always right on with her view of what is left to finish or a niggling detail that doesn’t quite fit.

Reaching out takes courage. Trusting takes integrity. To listen to my own process first, then listen with an open mind to others, seeing their perspective and then acting on it. This keeps growing my skill base and rising to the challenge. Taking an idea (the unknowing) and creating it (the substance or knowing) on canvas is always a journey. Each painting is an expression of a goal and there are always unknowable outcomes and a sense of curiosity to drive next steps. What is unique about it, is the self care, compassion and inner guide that truly speaks – without speaking – which gives rise to a deeper knowing within. Knowing to keep going and knowing when to let go of a painting in its completion.

Gorman Lake

Locals created a treasured adventure 

Beyond measure

Through steep grades and a multitude of elements,

A collaborative effort gives way to a lovely local haunt

Industry led us here – thank you forestry

Without your roads our adventure would be difficult

Skid trail to boardwalks, trails through forest, stepping stones to 

Sub-alpine lake –

Ascending gives a humble, inspired sense of place.

Annual summer visits are a staple or tradition here

A gem for experience and appreciation

A favourite among us – ambitious or reserved

A reminder of what and where a life is well-lived.

Cool, clear pristine waters welcome as do the insects-

A dapple on the surface gives way to fish

Paintbrush, fireweed, glacier lily and western anemone brighten the basin –

Watermelon snow from winter’s blanket lures the boot skiers to slide

Gorman offers a wondered sense of belonging 

Broad and open landscape captures the imagination –

Glorious peaks sculpted by wind, water and weather

Abundant aspects and views saturate the senses.

-Sarah Jane Osadetz

Commissioned Piece – Odaray Plateau

I was approached in secret back in November to create a painting by a husband of a friend of mine. The painting requested was to put to canvas a place on earth that hikers, skiers and adventurers alike covet. To some, it’s called a ‘hiker’s paradise’ to others – it is as close to pristine wilderness that you can get, with the flavour of being within the Parks Canada system. Additionally, a hiker gains the experience of following trails that are laid out very similar to what you will find all over the place in Europe.

From tall, majestic peaks as far as the eye can see to deep valleys, filled with lakes – the vastness catches up with me. The sense of possibility and grandeur fills me up. There is no limit to what person can experience within the Rocky Mountain National Parks – yet this place requires planning and commitment. Luckily, in the last 5 years I’ve been up there about 3 times. The maximum stay in the campground is not long – 2 nights, 3 days – or possibly 3 days – in the summertime. You can enjoy visiting through the hut system of Alpine club of Canada or Lake O’Hara Lodge – these are more expensive or require additional planning – especially during times of COVID.

As we collaborated on the art piece one thing came clear – a vantage point from up on high, filled with rock, multiple lakes with varying elevations was on the cards. Painting from up on high, I was hoping to focus on one of my favourite spots – yet – when painting a commission, it’s not about what I want. The photography that was shared was going to be a challenge. I always start with a sketch and explain to the client that I don’t know how long it will take – a day, a week or 6 months.

Each of paintings takes its own course and I am do not force it. The sketch was laid out and then – I required some thought and research. I knew that I wanted to shift gears with my methodology and needed to contemplate the effort. I colour blocked in reds and yellows. Then, I stumbled across a blog and technique post about colour theory and mixing. I finally had what I needed.

There is always fear when beginning. Then – it was time – the framework was laid out on the canvas and blocking took place. I always know that exploring the many layers needed and the recipes of colour I create – I have to remember. I will replicate them for each painting, yet not to re-do the same in another painting. I explored the landscape and shape with the desire to depict the 3D nature of the location. It worked!

The reflection back from people who support on social media have been priceless to me and I’m grateful.
I’m on the path to delivering the piece and now I know the client is happy – as much as it has been a surprise, I’ve shared the process online because it’s fun and I can gain perspective from my own critique, managing the process.

We all go through our awkward duckling stage – it’s all how we contemplate it and move through it to create our best work and our best selves.