About Me

Email: sarahjaneosadetz@gmail.com

As a child, I visited the McMichael Art Gallery in Ontario frequently and would dance in front of Harris’ works. I immersed myself in the Canadian works there, being brought along by my grandparents. I cherish those memories of visiting Tom Thomson’s shack and wandering upstairs being curiously be drawn to the works of Emily Carr and beautiful array of Indigenous works.

While I explore the outdoors, I compile photography, en plein air sketches and journaling. I contemplate my surroundings, gaining insights from reading – studying environment and culture. Springboard to creation, I carry the experience – filled with vision and inspiration – back to my home studio. Currently, I am working on a series that focuses on Lake O’Hara and networking with retailers, building wholesale pieces. My paintings and website are a bridge in my creative streams. I enjoy exploring new places. Constantly searching for new challenges, I am realizing life-long goals that used to create a sense of fear or intimidation in me. Now, it is something I pursue to fulfill a fundamental belief in myself.

Skiing, biking, backpacking, solo-backpacking, and backcountry travel result in seeing new places that are breathtaking. Challenges turn into memorable moments I share through my impressionist style.

My art is expressed as I have immersed myself – primarily solo trips – being in nature with photography and listening. From trail & camera – to pencil, pen & paint – I truly feel like I have found my calling – and funny enough – I’ve had many signals over my lifetime that have culminated in this focus.