About Me

Hello! I am an impressionist painter and my medium is acrylic. My home is on the unceded traditional territory of the K’tunaxa, Secwepemc people and the home of Metis Nation Columbia River Society, which is called Golden, BC, Canada.

I am inspired by the natural world around me. I have been deeply influenced by the Group of Seven. Of the group, Lawren Harris is most inspiring and influential in my work. More recently, J.E.H. MacDonald has caught my fascination – due to his commitment to Lake O’Hara, in Yoho National Park – a place I have visited often in the last five years.

As a child, I visited the McMichael Art Gallery in Ontario frequently and would dance in front of Harris’ works. I immersed myself in the Canadian works there, being brought along by my grandparents. I cherish those memories of visiting Tom Thomson’s shack and wandering upstairs being curiously be drawn to the works of Emily Carr and beautiful array of Indigenous works.

While I explore the outdoors, I compile photography, en plein air sketches and journaling. I contemplate my surroundings, gaining insights from reading – studying environment and culture. Springboard to creation, I carry the experience – filled with vision and inspiration – back to my home studio. Currently, I am working on a series that focuses on Lake O’Hara and networking with retailers, building wholesale pieces. My paintings and website are a bridge in my creative streams. I enjoy exploring new places. Constantly searching for new challenges, I am realizing life-long goals that used to create a sense of fear or intimidation in me. Now, it is something I pursue to fulfill a fundamental belief in myself.

Skiing, biking, backpacking, SOLO-backpacking, and backcountry travel result in seeing new places that are breathtaking. Challenges turn into memorable moments I share through my impressionist style.

My art is expressed as I have immersed myself – primarily solo trips – being in nature with photography and listening. From trail & camera – to pencil, pen & paint – I truly feel like I have found my calling – and funny enough – I’ve had many signals over my lifetime that have culminated in this focus.

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